Manifoldo helps businesses plan for their future in more adaptable and inclusive ways, utilizing technology to help goal-set, track, assess, and pivot for the future. 

Our Unique Approach

Strategic Planning
Operational Planning
Employee Goal-Setting

Creative Process

Manifoldo’s unique approach to strategic planning allows companies to take advantage of their collective so that they can plan, track, assess, and pivot when needed. It includes 3 layers: strategic planning, operational planning, and employee goals setting. Through bi-yearly planning events, departments and employees will help your company to track progress on existing goals and propose new ones that help add efficiency. 

Strategic Planning

Using your mission and vision as your guide, we’ll help your leadership develop guiding goals for your organization to align to.

Operational Planning

Through a series of events, we’ll help your departments to develop operational plans and goals that align with your organization’s strategic goals. Their operational plans will be compiled in a transparent space so that they can update progress on their goals at any point.

Employee Goal-Setting

We’ll help your managers to collaboratively work with employees to set goals that align with their department’s goals. This will provide a thorough means for departments to see who is assigned to each project and ensure that employee reviews are linked to progress.


We’ll help your organization develop a process utilizing an existing system that allows for tracking and participation at all levels. 


We love working with organizations of all sizes and pricing is dependent on size. We spend a full year helping your organization implement its first year of integrative planning. We co-develop planning events, design your systems, and provide your teams with directions to manage when we part. We estimate 75 hours of time over a full year.  

$7500 – $10,000

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