Manifoldo helps entrepreneurs and businesses present their best selves through coaching and crafting creative design.

What We Offer

Branding and Logo Design
Social Media
Email Templates
Print Products
Blog & Web Design
Online Shop
Online Courses

Creative Process

Based in Buffalo, NY. I work to bring your unique vision to life through collaboration and purpose. Check out my process and services. If you feel like we’re a match, get in touch!


After you’ve expressed interest, we’ll jump on a call to chat about your goals and options. I’ll then work up a project plan for you that lays out milestones, time frames, and costs. Once it has your approval, we’ll use Upwork to handle invoicing and our contract. Then, a spot will be reserved on my calendar and we’ll be off to the races!


With official paperwork out of our hair, we can get into the fun, creative stuff. You’ll work through my client intake form that digs into the specifics of your business goals, audience and aesthetic ideas. You can share anything that may be helpful to the process, such as links to sites you like, Pinterest boards, logos, typography, outfits, textures, colour palettes, websites – that really speaks to your vibe and aspired brand feel.


This is when I roll up my sleeves and dive in. I’ll create an initial mood board based on your intake answers. Then, we will start to work through the specific pieces of your project. I’ll start diving into designs, asking you for feedback along the way. Then, we’ll work collaboratively to tweak and perfect through a week’s worth of allotted revisions.


After the revisions have been tweaked to perfection, I’ll package up and add any remaining files to your Google folder or accounts. Most importantly, I won’t leave you hanging. I’ll provide you with a video to show you how to manage your site or tweak your designs.

What we

Branding & Logo Design

We’ll collaborate on assembling a brand for you in a matter of hours, with fonts, colors, and a logo. This is an important first step that will shift your dream to reality.

Blog & Web Design

In just a weekend, we’ll work together to craft a beautiful virtual home for your dream to live in. Your site will be crafted to scale, so you can take it from blog to business.

Social Media

By the end of a weekend, we’ll have your social media accounts set up, some initial graphics created, and a posting calendar for the next 30 days.  Go from unknown to expert!

Email Templates

We’ll help you collect addresses and market to your audience with email templates that help you promote your business, blog posts, social media,  and your ideas in a matter of hours.

Print Products

In a matter of hours, we’ll craft beautiful print products that brand your business and promote your ideas.

Online Shop

Whether you want to sell unique items you hand-crafted or items you’ve discovered all over the world, we can get your online shop up and running in a matter of one week.

Online Courses

As an expert in your field, we’ll help you expand your site in a matter of weeks to also serve as a learning management system so you can share your knowledge with people around the world.

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