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Double Dose of Learning

After building a successful business on Teachers Pay Teachers, Stephanie and Kelly wanted a site to themselves to sell their lesson plans. 


Web Site
Blog Conversion
Blog Design


Web and Blog Design

Creative Process

Stephanie, Kelly, and I worked together to transfer their Teacher Pay Teacher shop to WordPress, tweak their theme to reflect what is trending on the market today, and develop a downloadable template shop.

Designing a New Web site

Over the period of a few days, I created a new WordPress site that included multiple, easily customizable pages.

Shop Conversion

This was one of the most challenging sites I have worked on because we needed to do an export of the Teacher Pay Teacher shop with thousands of files and transfer the data perfectly into WordPress.

Theme Development

We worked together to create a trendy site reflective of design for elementary teachers today.  

Shop Development

Using eCommerce, I developed a custom shop for Stephanie and Kelly to sell their downloadable templates.  

Shop Categories

With thousands of options, it was important that the Web site create easy ways to help teachers quickly find what they need via a few different categorization options.

Newsletter Integration

The newsletter provides a grreat 

Instagram Integration

Stephanie and Kelly use Instagram to help market Double Dose of Learning, so it was important that we integrate it in the site via a plug-in.

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