We pick up freelance work and do our billing with clients through Upwork. This page is a resource for helping our clients manage the work and payments through this platform.

How to Pay for Hourly Projects

For hourly projects, you have three options to pay freelancers:

  • Weekly billing: Every Monday, get invoiced for the previous week’s hours based on your freelancers’ Work Diaries, which is charged automatically to your default billing method.
  • Recurring weekly billing: A set, recurring weekly amount that’s invoiced weekly along with your freelancers’ hours.
  • Manual payments in addition to billing: You can give a freelancer a bonus in addition to hours billed with a manual payment.

How to Pay for Fixed-Price Projects

For fixed-price projects, you’ll use milestones and Upwork’s licensed escrow service to pay freelancers and agencies. You can pay for a project all at once, or by milestone.

You can make an initial deposit into escrow for either the whole contract amount or the first milestone. When each milestone is approved, funds are released from escrow. Milestones are funded and released one at a time, so when one milestone is completed and approved, the next can then be activated and funded.

Note about milestones and Payment Protection: If you release funds from escrow before work is submitted, or before you are satisfied with it, you cannot dispute the payment through Upwork and may not be able to recover the funds later.

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