Presentation: Navigating Change and Trust Building


This interactive sessions was given at the Global Followership Conference in 2024 in Glasgow, Scotland with Dr. Mitchelle Gurick.

In recent times and post-pandemic, numerous organizations have grappled with significant challenges, necessitating them to adapt and evolve, undergoing significant reorganizations. Amidst these changes, those who have persevered must now collaboratively engage in rebuilding trust and revitalizing their work methodologies.

This session employs the lenses of organizational dynamics and followership theory to analyze the profound effects of organizational transformations and personnel transitions on both employees and the intricate dynamic between employees and leaders. The context of our session includes real-life accounts of substantial reorganizations from an HR leader at a prominent American multinational technology company and an Associate Dean from an American higher education institution, offering practical insights into the organizational dynamics and followership perspectives.Β 

The presentation will utilize collaborative rapid ideation to discover how organizations can apply these learnings to better support employees and organizational dynamics during times of transition. Participants will take part in a dynamic brainstorming session, generating innovative ideas. The objective is to equip attendees with actionable insights to support employees and optimize organizational dynamics during times of transition.


Leah Sciabarrasi, Ph.D. | Higher Education Administrator & Consultant |