Boxed Wine Bar

Clearly, I have one good design trait – I can turn any tiny closet into something functional. This latest closet is my biggest masterpiece. We had this tiny, broom closet in our kitchen. It has a laundry shoot behind it and a seat like box at the bottom. In other words, it didn’t even do a really good job functioning as a broom close. So, in my recent obsession with the insane value of boxed wine, I decided to convert this tiny closet into a boxed wine bar. I spray painted some peel and stick tile gold, painted the closet black, added a few shelves and LED motion lights, and somehow built a cool cover for the bottom. Every space is functional: there is a perfect space at the top for my boxed wine (Bota Box, of course), cocktail glasses and hardware, wine glass hangers, wine and round liquor bottle shelves, and a space at the bottom for odd-shaped liquor. I am in heaven. It’s so functional and pretty too!