Presentation: The Strength is in the Collective

2023 ILA Presentation – Sciabarrasi by Leah Sciabarrasi


This presentation was given at the International Leadership Association National Conference in 2023 in Vancouver, CA. It prompts organizations to use a new adaptive planning process that engages the collective in building a thriving future.

Traditional strategic planning processes involve top leaders and organizational consultants who go through a planning process every 5-7 years. These processes rarely involve all employees and are not integrated into the day-to-day operations. The top level can only see so far and they could track more with the help of everyone in their organization. 

Organizations can leverage the minds of their ‘collective’ (organizational followers made up of employees and, in some respects, board members, partners, donors, alumni, and customers) to ideate, accomplish, and track goals. Within all of these minds are great ideas, and everyone has a connection or a hidden talent. The collective is the organization’s most valuable asset.

The collective can actively and regularly contribute department and individual goals, execute goals, track progress, and help to assess progress. It goes without saying that execution is just as important as planning; it is how organizations move their organization toward their strategic goals. In addition, organizations should engage the collective in foresight techniques in order to build a thriving future.


Leah Sciabarrasi, Ph.D. | Higher Education Administrator & Consultant |