Leah’s Mixtapes

2023 Mixtape

2023: A decline in the COVID-19 pandemic, the Russian invasion of Ukraine continues, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict escalates into the Israel–Hamas war, a banking crisis resulting in the collapse of numerous American regional banks, the continued rise of generative AI models, the coronation of Charles III and Camilla as King and Queen of the United Kingdom, a mass cult suicide of 400-1000 people is uncovered in Shakahola forest in Kenya,Titan submersible implosion while exploring The Titanic, Kevin McCarthy is removed as Speaker of the United States House of Representatives (a first).  

2022 Mixtape


2022: Russia invades Ukraine – 2 giant snowstorms in Western New York – we got COVID – the world’s population hits eight billion and counting – Queen Elizabeth II’s death – Pope Emeritus Benedict, who resigned the papacy, dies at 95 – Barbara Walters, trail-blazing journalist and TV personality, dies at 93 – Biden signs sweeping bill to tackle climate change, lower healthcare costs – FBI searches Trump safe at Mar-a-Lago for possible classified documents – Maps show where extreme heat shattered 7,000 records this summer – Elon Musk acquires Twitter and fires top executives – Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes was sentenced to more than 11 years in prison for fraud after deceiving investors.

2021 Mixtape


2021: The January 6 Insurrection, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris take office, Harris becomes the first Black, South Asian and female Vice President, deaths due to the COVID-19 pandemic surpass 5 million, 2020 Summer Olympics were held, and the launch of the James Webb Space Telescope.

2020 Mixtape


2020: COVID-19 pandemic, global social and economic disruption, mass cancellations and postponements of events, worldwide lockdowns, and the largest economic recession since the Great Depression in the 1930s. The first impeachment trial of the President of the United States, Donald Trump; he is acquitted. The United Kingdom and Gibraltar withdrew from the European Union. The 2020 Stock Market Crash. The U.S. withdraws from Afghanistan. The first black hole is discovered located in a star system visible to the naked eye.


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