Article: New Models of Higher Education: Unbundled, Rebundled, Customized, and DIY

Our chapter: Ever Upward: Building an Ecosystem to Support and Validate Lifelong Learning (Scott Dolan, Michele Paludi, Leah Sciabarrasi, Gretchen Schmidt, and Anna L. Zendell)

In a world where skilling, upskilling, reskilling, and career shifting are becoming the norm, and where lifelong learning is a requirement, models of higher education designed to best support the needs of learners and the workforce remain relatively limited. In the chapter, the authors discuss strategies used by Excelsior University’s School of Graduate Studies to respond with agility to the needs of students and employers, including structures and processes used to better connect with employers and their needs. They highlight the development of high-quality learning outcomes, the creation of industry-aligned curricular and co-curricular learning experiences, and the development of stackable credentials to demonstrate how they provide students with flexible on-and-off ramps to learning and skill development.